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July - August (2017) Newsletter (Printable)

Full, printable version of our July-August 2017 Newsletter!

Our Clients Ask Us: Can We Stop Delinquent Owner From Purchasing Other Units


We have a delinquent owner who is trying to buy up more properties in the association instead of paying back the delinquent maintenance fees already owed.  Can we stop the owner from purchasing any other units?

Tips for Effective Board Meetings

As volunteers to your community associations, you know that while board meetings are essential for conducting association business, they can be tedious if poorly run. Many of our board members complain about attending board meetings and ask us how they can be run more effectively. Here are a few tips we have compiled over the years...

How to Remove Problem Board Members and Officers

We are often asked the question of how to handle a rogue or absentee board member or officer of the association. If relations amongst the board members get to a breaking point, the board may decide it is time to attempt to remove the “problem child.”

May - June (2017) Newsletter (Printable)

Full, printable version of our May-June 2017 Newsletter!

As the Association's Attorney: Whom Do We Represent?

Our firm represents the Association as the corporate entity. Our client is the corporation.  The elected Board of Directors or Board of Trustees make decisions on behalf of the Association (the corporation) in the form of voting, which directs the manner in which we represent the Association.

Our Clients Ask Us: Missed Annual Meeting(s)


We just looked at our Bylaws, and we were supposed to have our Annual Meeting in January.  Since we missed it, should we just wait until next year?

Going Rogue: One Board Member Does Not Run the Board

Having a leader on your board is certainly a benefit to the Association.  All boards need someone who takes the lead and gets things done.  A good leader ensures that the board functions properly and that decisions are made by a consensus of the group.  

A rogue board member is not a leader, but instead someone who insists on total control, makes decisions independently, and ignores the input of others.

March - April (2017) Newsletter (Printable)

Full, printable version of our March-April 2017 Newsletter!

Insurance Responsibilities: What Is Required?

Many of our clients have asked our office about insurance responsibilities of the Association and individual owners.  When a casualty occurs, the first step taken may be to check whether such act is covered.  It is important to understand the requirements of your Association to make sure that the property is properly insured before a casualty occurs.  

As your legal counsel, we become part of your team, providing the legal component to your business decisions.

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