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September - October Newsletter (Printable)

Full, printable version of our September-October Newsletter!

Our Clients Ask Us: Private Security at Meetings

Question:  We have had some fairly heated meetings because of a specific owner who is often confrontational and has tried to start fights.  Can we hire private security at our next annual meeting and charge the cost of the security back to the problem owner?

'Tis The Season: Regulating Holiday Decorations at Your Association

It may be difficult to believe, but the Holiday Season is right around the corner.  With the holidays coming up, owners will be adorning their homes, lawns, balconies, and patios with holiday decorations

Collections Most Frequently Asked Questions

As volunteer Board Members for your Association, we realize many of you have never dealt with analyzing financial reports, collecting money owed, following guidelines set forth in governing documents, or any of the numerous other duties and tasks Board Members are called upon to complete. 

No Board Members? What Happens Next?

It happens to all Board Members:  you volunteer to be on your Association’s Board, and after a few years of devoting your time and energy to the Association, you decide that it is someone else’s turn to contribute by serving as a Board Member.  But what happens when no one is willing to be a Board Member?

July - August Newsletter (Printable)

Full, printable version of our July-August Newsletter!

What is a Statutory Agent & Why is it Important?

At some point, each of you may likely have received a letter and some paperwork from our office about the Statutory Agent. Just what is a Statutory Agent, and why does this paperwork need to be filed, anyway? 

The Dreaded Word: BANKRUPTCY. What Does it Mean for the Association?

Whether it’s the loss of a job or the accumulation of too much debt, individuals continue to look to bankruptcy for an opportunity for a fresh start.  What does that mean for the Association if an owner files for bankruptcy?

Our Clients Ask Us: Electronic Board Meetings

Question:  Our Association is involved in pending litigation, and we have reached a tentative settlement with the opposing party.  We need to vote on approving the settlement; however, one of our board members is out of the country and cannot be reached at this time.  Can the 4 out of 5 board members just vote to approve the settlement?

A Smoking Gun Issue - Does the Association Have the Power to Prohibit Smoking?

Until a few years ago, the answer to this question was generally no.  While the Association could generally prevent smoking in the indoor common elements, the Association was generally powerless to attempt to prohibit smoking in outdoor common elements or within the units.

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